When we bought Fiske, we bought it from an absentee owner who rented the home out. We were told it had always been a rental. That held true when we sold it to another investor as a rental.

Apparently when the seller decided to sell the property the tenants weren't thrilled and dumped paint all over the hardwoods, urinated on the carpet in the basement, and best of all, dumped concrete down the garbage disposal, dishwasher, and shower drain. Luckily, it didn't run anywhere unreachable and we were able to fix all of it.

This was probably the corkiest house we have yet to remodel. So many random rooms, turns, and features. When we bought the house a wall that separated the kitchen from a bedroom was only 3/4 of the way to the ceiling. Nothing like being able to smell breakfast, or have it thrown to you, from the kitchen! We finished that wall up, and completely reconfigured that basement layout.

All jokes aside, this was a fun one. It is nestled right next to the University of Portland in North Portland! We were able to add to the funkiness of the house and install midnight blue cabinets with white uppers and a unique backsplash.

I would have loved to live in this home during my college days!

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