Wow! What a ride this remodeling project was!

This was our first rehab ever and boy didwe learn a lot of lessons. HGTV teaches you like….nothing. We realized that this whole process is a lot harder and more stressful than we saw on TV. We felt at times a little like Alison Victoria from Windy City Rehab, wanting to just sit in a half done house and cry.

For example, trying to final permits and finding out that the shower pan was never inspected and the master shower is already beautifully tiled. So do we need to open a hole in the wall?? Yes we actually did and the inspection passed.

Or when you are trying to find the stud in the wall to put up a stair railing and you are less than a millimeter off and drill a pre-hole right into a new plumbing pipe! And then when you remove the drill bit water comes jet streaming out of the finished wall.. Oh and did I mention this was like a day before the open house?! Don’t worry, it all got properly fixed and taken care of.

Finally, after 4.5 months of work, numerous sleepless nights, and about 1.5 months in the selling process we closed our first remodel project and felt proud of the work we had accomplished!

We cherish this home (and have nightmares about it sometimes) and are so happy for the buyers!

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