Don’t you just dream of being able to live in a home that has a secret room behind a bookcase?

It sounds very Cinderella-ish, doesn’t it?

Well, we actually were able to purchase a home that had this storybook feature..hence the nickname of the house

This was a special project for us. The Storybook House had so much original character intact that just made it have this magical feel. And to top it off, when we were cleaning up the back yard we found a stone with a heart and the two previous owners names on it. We were able to preserve it and give it back to the owners’ kids, who we bought the house from.

We tried to keep it pretty simple and traditional/modern with this project. We finished the basement, added a bathroom in the master bedroom, finished the cute secret room, removed a wall to give the home and open concept feel, and gave most of the home a fresh feeling while preserving the beautiful original features.

Although, I could imagine myself eating breakfast in the little eat-in nook and reading to our kiddos in the little room behind the bookcase, we are thrilled for the buyers!

Fun Fact: We were told that the ship emblem on the fireplace is extremely rare and isn’t even made anymore!

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