“The Perfect Disaster” is what we like to call this house!

We bought this home from an estate sale again…and honestly the project went really smooth. We finished the project in a timely manner, stayed on budget, and listed it in the peak of buying season.

And that’s where the disaster part comes in…we had buyers make an offer that we accepted after just two weeks on the market. They decided to back out and then it just sat….and sat….and sat.

We lowered the price multiple times and finally got another offer almost 6 months later!

Most of our other projects we have learned a lot about the remodeling part of the business, which we still learned many things from this one. With this project we learned a lot about the selling end, what people look for in Portland homes, how to work with lenders, and how to rely on God.

It wasn’t easy but we are happy to be selling it and wish our buyers the best!

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